Under Construction…

•September 30, 2009 • 2 Comments

Hello world… did you miss me… silly kids you should be following me on twitter or Facebook then you’d be all caught up… I have been working round the clock.. literally trying to keep up with the insanity that is fall and my craziest season of the year, and get the new blog up and website updated… we are getting close here ladies and gentleman and so I’ve taken the site offline for a little while, so we can make lots of fun and exciting changes!  Stay tuned lots of crazy new fun and hey go follow me on Facebook or Twitter to stay up to date on the latest and of course to know what I’m listening to while I’m working my behind off!

Who knew this years update would make me so emotional… but it has we are really reaching a breaking point here in the business, we have worked very very hard…. I say we because while this is my business, it would never be possible without the incredible support I have have from those around me over the past three years, and the amazing people who have become a part of my family.  Recently  someone made a comment to me comparing friends and family … and I  had trouble with this remark…”Friends will come and go, but Family is Family”.   Now in sentiment I would normally agree, but you see there are people you are related too who are hardly family, and there are people to which you have no relation at all but are most assuredly a part of your family… and where I am in my life right now I couldn’t possibly be without the latter.  I have been so blessed to have so many wonderful supporters who make it possible for me to keep up with this crazy roller coaster.  Life sure has had a lot of up’s and down’s over the last three years…   But my heart is just overfilled right now, as I get ready to embark on the next part of this journey!IMG_8673


No Carbs – Day one… CRANKY!!!

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ok so I’ve been working out like a crazy person all summer with a personal trainer and while under my fat my muscles are larger and leaner than ever I’m still feeling like a porker, so I’ve decided to really get serious and make some changes. I will eventually be going back to my tride and true Weight Watchers with which I lost about 40 lbs after breaking my back in 1999, but to kick start the weight loss train and hopefully muster up a little motivation for me I’ve decided to cut out carbs for a week or two and slowly reintroduce them (as in the past I’ve found this a great way to control the appetite and food cravings). So… last night I enjoyed my last bask in carb a holic heaven with penne a la vodka with roasted red pepper chicken sausages… mmmmmm and today I began day one in no carb land. Breakfast was an egg white omelette with fresh tomato and pepper jack cheese chased with a glass of metamucil because you know the lack of carbs can really back you up if you aren’t careful. For lunch today I enjoyed some Brie and Prosciutto (hey I can’t have carbs I’m going to enjoy some tasty food) with a side of broccoli. Tonight’s dinner will be mesquite burger with Pepper jack cheese bunless maybe with some ranch dressing to dip it in veggies and probably some apples with peanut butter for dessert cause well fiber is good =).
I’m on pot #2 of coffee but I barely drank this am’s it was gross tonights Macadamia nut delight is so much more appealing (and so much more necessary) I am feeling the drag, I’m tired I’m having trouble concentrating and I’m hoping to get just a little bit of work done tonight before I go to bed, and hopefully tomorrow I’ll wake up a little more lucid and able to get some work done… on the other hand my house is spiffy clean after today so there is little standing in between me and a productive day tomorrow… (ohh other than my two kids…) Tomorrow I have a session in the evening as I also do Friday… This weekend is a little family time and time to do some catch up so hopefully by then I’ll be feeling like my old self!

Bare with me kids Mama is tired of feeling like a moo cow and something’s gotta give!
(now aren’t you glad you know all that about my diet ha ha)

Changing lives… I hope

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Soooo… what on earth am I up to now…

does anyone know what these images are?

For those of you who are scratching your heads and wondering what on earth these are, well they are embryo’s used during the IVF or in vitro fertilization.  Why am I  posting pictures of embryo’s…. am I trying to get pregnant?  NO NO NO… lol I keep telling you people while my babies are just darling and the loves of my life I’m so over being pregnant it’s not funny.

So I’m driving home from somewhere the other day and actually had the radio on (this is rare as I usually jam out to my ipod) and I hear a commercial on the radio for a fertility clinic and they are looking for people to donate their eggs… this got me thinking.  I have had a few friends struggle with fertility (some more than others) and there was a time when I was willing to share not only my eggs but my womb with another if need be.. thankfully it wasn’t needed because I am just not the world’s most pleasant pregnant person.  Anyway it was something I really felt compelled to help another with, and so I decided I’m going to try to do just that.   I am lucky enough to have two beautiful children, and as many of you know I have had my tubes tied because I’m that sure I’m done.  I’m not using them anymore why not give someone else the chance to have a baby?  I have no idea if anyone will want my eggs I am 32 already and I’m not getting any younger, but I make pretty cute babies and I’m a pretty smart cookie so maybe just maybe I’ll get the opportunity to help someone else enjoy the rolle rcoaster that is motherhood.  I am applying to two different fertility clinics to see if anyone wants my eggs… wish me luck, if I’m accepted I’ll share the journey.  One of the websites for the clinics I am sending my information off too calls those who donate Dream makers…..I like the idea of that, off I go in the hopes I can help to make another’s dreams of being a parent come true.

Lady L- boudoir, lingerie fashion shoot?

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So our Lovely Lady L contacted me thru Facebook, yes really it is the ultimate networking tool is it not?  Anyway she was getting ready to leave for college and had seen some of my other work and was hoping I had time to squeeze her in for a session before she left, and of course I made a space for her 😉  Since she works at Victoria’s Secret and has a HUGE collection of Lingerie we decided to take it out for a spin, and break out of the standard and take her sexy wardrobe out into the open… yes we were in a state park in Washington, on the side of Route 202 in front of a closed shop and even in my own driveway.  I had a really fun day with our Lady L and even took her out for a fun photo play date with a friend the following week.  Check out Miss L in action!  Gotta admit after having kids I really wish I’d taken a little more time to celebrate my own body when it was more shapely =)

Make with the clicker HERE to see her  cheeky slideshow!  (give it a few minutes it’s loading still )

Brittany – One Hott Day!

•September 3, 2009 • 2 Comments

So Brittany and I have been playing tag for a few months waiting for a beautiful sunny day to do her session. You see I photographed her little sister last spring and Miss Britt here has had her eye on a session of her own for a while now. Finally one glorious day, it all came together, except that it was like RIDICULOUS hot out … but we managed to make the best of it and I’m gonna bet you’ll be seeing more of Miss Britt again in the not too distant… and next time the only thing that’ll be hott is the model. =)







Amanda – Super hott Senior Session (taking CT by storm yall!)

•August 14, 2009 • 6 Comments

At some point I’ll have to go back and show you our first time out with miss Amanda… but for now we’ll start with our latest venture.  Amanda is one of my Senior Representatives this year in exchange for promoting the good ole AP in her highschool and among her friends Amanda scores herself some pretty hott pictures! (how I wish I had some of me back when my body even remotely looked this good…a distant memory now right!)  Anyway as you can see she’s stunning and she’s a total natural!  Amanda is very comfortable striking poses and having a great time playing with whatever props we have, I can’t wait to take her out again in addition to being the prettiest thing I have to look at on the other end of the lens… she’s a bright girl with a pretty good head on her shoulders.  She has her sites set on Law School and I think she’s got the smarts to do it!  Can’t wait to see what she grows up to be this girl is on fire.

Interested in becoming one of our senior reps – I’m taking on 3 Girls and 3 Boys from each area High School. For more information visit the  Facebook Fan Page and hey while you are there become a fan!


Signature Amanda here pure FLIRT! =)

COME ON… nice stix Amanda.. I’d like to photoshop my head onto your body dear =)

A little bit of Amanda in my life….. =)


Who’s more fun than AMANDA???? NO ONE!!!


Baby Colin ~ a newborn session

•August 13, 2009 • 14 Comments

Ohhhh I just love little tiny squishy babies.. (yes Peter as we determined newborns are in fact squishy).  I was so happy to be working with such a young baby in fact I think I may just start declining to do newborn sessions if the baby isn’t under four weeks I can’t tell you what a difference it makes.  I also have to tell you what a treat it was to meet Mr. Colin’s parents at only 2 weeks old it was really just a dream session they couldn’t help but just smirk and smile at their precious little bundle they were still totally in the AWE stage of parenthood.  I really love my newborn sessions, it’s such an amazing time to be in someones life, in a single moment life changes forever.  Everything you were and everything you did before you became a parent is suddenly seen in a whole new light.  It was especially cool to meet this family at this point in their life!